These brightly coloured fish are members of the genus Halichoeres and can be found from the Indian to central Pacific Oceans. Their brilliant yellow colouration and near constant movement add a bright pop to any aquarium. In addition, they are likely to be model citizens in tanks of all sizes, they live well alone or in groups (provided the tank is large enough), and may offer some beneficial cleaning to other inhabitants.

Rarely exceeding 10-15cm in length, it is unlikely these fish will ever become the bully of the tank. In fact, their defence against any kind of threat is to dive straight into the sand (quite amusing to watch), upon which they might not make an appearance until the following day. Feeding is necessary at least twice a week providing you add plenty of rock or décor for the wrasse to hunt for copepods. It is rumoured that they will clean parasites off of larger fish but I have yet to talk with anyone who has seen it first-hand. A much more common occurrence is the consumption of fireworms and destructive flatworms. I have yet to see one of my own contract ich and they are hardy to most other infections and parasites.

Yellow Coris Wrasses are sometimes referred to as Banana Wrasse, Golden Wrasse or Canary Wrasse and should be for sale at a modest price in most reputable saltwater fish stores. If a store does not have them in stock, the owner should not have any trouble ordering one for you. I have never had a bad experience with these fish and would recommend them to beginning aquarists and expert reef-keepers alike.