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    Don't be shy - let me know what you think!

    If you have an idea or a suggestion for the site, please let me know! This site is here for you, and I'm always open to improving it.

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    Oh and this having to wait for Mod approval to see your post will drive off new members, this is the day of wanting instant gratification, thats why facebook is so popular.

    Enter, now i see that maybe you have your settings such that posts with a link has to be Moderated. ?

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    The only time your first post would go into moderation, is if it contained links - just a little trick to keep the spam away. You're "in the club" now, so your posts will all post instantly from now on

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    Is this forum dead or what?

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    I have been suffering a problem for one month and the problem is the water of my 55-gallon fish tank is become dirty after cleaning. So recently I have kept a sunsun canister filter, and now I don't have to change the water frequently.

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